Congresses generate more business and provide more knowledge.

SIGMA promotes and organizes congresses and seminars with the purpose of generating business and providing knowledge to people and companies.

We organize professional events in various segments and sectors, where we bring together the best players to transmit and present the latest innovations and innovative ideas that contribute to the development of companies. We have created the best scenario so that the congressmen keep up to date and think from the smallest detail to the results reports.


The selection of the best experts and speakers from selected areas of expertise is one of SIGMA's main objectives. In this way, we guarantee the presentation of research and scientific studies, and the direct contact with influential people of the markets.


Our professional and qualified team guarantees the success of any institutional event, giving all the operational, logistical and personnel support that is necessary. Be the presentation of a new member of the company, presentation of annual planning and results.


SIGMA creates unparalleled opportunities for business leaders and managers to share experiences, update trends, and strengthen professional relationships. We join the thinking to the practice of business management.


For a successful conference, SIGMA has everything carefully planned. We offer the best scenario for discussing issues or problems, exposing solutions, priorities and proposals. We deal with the whole process, from the choice of location, planning of the program, contracting catering services, audiovisual and multimedia, until the event's announcement and operational organization.


A good talk requires dedication, updated content and constant practice. And it is for this same reason that SIGMA has the collaboration of the best speakers from the different areas, which provides an event of excellence to the participants. Each speaker has mastery of a subject relevant to the audience and purpose of the client.