Recognition and corporate concept, generate excellent results for companies.

Corporate events are carried out essentially for 2 reasons: recognition and concept, which generate excellent results for companies. They are, therefore, a powerful marketing and networking tool.

SIGMA has a team of experts able to organize your event from concept definition and creation to the final result. Good planning creates a quality event and recognition is achieved through effective communication.

We are a company specialized in the management and organization of seminars, conferences, new product launches, conventions, marketing campaigns, business meetings, and more.

Meetings and Workshops

The meetings and workshops are important actions not only for the discussion of ideas, projects, campaigns, business, B2B, among others, but also to train those involved in a project.

SIGMA plans, organizes and keeps a constant follow-up of our clients so that all their objectives are fulfilled.

Business Missions

We organize, in the smallest detail, business missions that enable all participants to connect with new markets, products, technologies and management practices.

The search for innovation is an important aspect for the development of any business, and the creation or intensification of commercial and / or technological relationships allows us to know new work practices and technologies that reference markets adopt.

Product release

SIGMA believes that launching new products is an event that must be carefully planned to have the intended impact on the target audience. And for that, we guarantee a specialized work in the organization for these occasions.

We want the image of our customers to be always recognized as quality and excellence, through the selection of the best suppliers in terms of stands, multimedia systems, hostesses, cleaning, among others.


In partnership with our clients, we plan and organize conventions, always taking into account their needs, goals and resources. In addition to creating and developing specific actions for each client, we follow up with the support of our motivated team.


To achieve a unique position in the minds and hearts of your customers, you must bet on an integral branding project. We offer techniques that allow us to understand, analyze and propose the proper positioning of your brand, through the definition of an activity / event strategy, conceptualization and planning.