An incentive action stimulates the productivity and integration of people.

The best way to stimulate productivity in companies, promote the integration of teams, encourage and reward the performance of partners, goes through the careful organization of events that fit the objectives to be achieved.

More and more companies are betting on incentive trips as a model of training, fraternization and awards of their employees. And SIGMA does that. We help our customers motivate employees, retain customers, reward their teams, and increase productivity.


SIGMA organizes trips with the objective of rewarding the results achieved by the collaborators. To better reward employees and employees with excellent results, we take care not only of the most efficient selection of destinations, but also deal with operational management and execute management while traveling.

Group tourism is the most efficient way to allow an experience, build and consolidate the interrelationships between the various participants, regardless of their institutional hierarchy. It will create approximation of opinions and help create empaths; Promote technical and cultural development through the various dialogues in groups and at the same time increase the cost / benefit of investments.


Want to reward your employees with a special bonus? Want to organize a gala dinner where you can reward your team for achieving positive results from your company?

SIGMA organizes, not only every event, but is responsible for its planning and operation. Our clients can count on a continuous monitoring of our team in the different phases of the project.?


Anyone looking for success and wanting the best results needs to find more efficient ways to keep their team motivated. The experience and creativity of SIGMA allow the organization of an event perfectly adapted to the objective and budget of our clients.

With these events, our customers can count on an increase of the productivity of its employees, reduction of costs, and with a more committed team and with greater organizational quality.


Coaching is another of SIGMA´s bets. We help our customers develop new skills and competencies needed to achieve high performance in the business environment. We also help our client to manage assertively, confidently lead their employees, delegate successfully and make decisions with ease.

Team Building

Encouraging team spirit is the main goal of SIGMA!

We create and develop diverse activities, which we consider as essential tools in strengthening and developing the knowledge and cohesion of the members of a company.

A good work environment and a good relationship between employees results in greater productivity and attitude at work. We promise to provide your company with a positive environment where employees will be able to decompress, "break the ice", enthuse and, most importantly, motivate themselves!